Top 3 places to visit on your weekend in London

London, also known as the world city, is by far one of the largest cities in Europe. With its architecture, dynamism, and luxury, the city of London attracts the attention of the curious and travel enthusiasts. You certainly won’t be able to say no to a dream weekend in this city. Discover here the top 3 places you should definitely visit.

The Big Ben

The city of London is the capital of the United Kingdom and attracts many people with its incredible luxury. It is known for its modernity and incredible vibrancy. One of the structures it is known for is Big Ben. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Big Ben is the most famous image of London and believe it or not, its reputation is not overrated.

Indeed, Big Ben is the name given to the legendary bell weighing 14 tonnes and which sits on the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster. This tower is 106 meters high with 4 impressive clocks at the top. Big Ben is a prestigious place in London that you will certainly not regret visiting.

Buckingham Palace

What better way to make your weekend more interesting than to visit a royal place. For Buckingham Palace, it is certainly worth the trip. Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the only Queen of England, Elizabeth II.

The palace is lucky enough to host a number of prestigious events each year, such as banquets and royal christenings. It would be an exaggeration to forget the Queen’s birthday party held every year. During your tour of the palace, you will learn a lot about royal life. Nothing better for a good royal weekend.

The Soho district

Soho is one of the smallest areas of London but by far the most lively. In this area, you will find some of the liveliest restaurants, nightclubs, and theatres in London. This area is a great place to spend your evenings and unforgettable weekend nights.